KUCHING: The young generation, especially youths, has been urged to equip themselves with technical know-how on using the latest information, communication and technology (ICT) equipment to become an efficient workforce.

In making this call, Assistant Tourism Minister Datuk Talip Zulpilip said this will enable them to facilitate work processes besides speeding up workflow in jobs.

“Things have changed and we have to adapt to use of new technology. Malaysians, especially the youths, have to realise how important these new (electronic) gadgets are in bringing innovation into their lives.

“A simple gadget brings a lot of benefit such as the tablet which can send messages, take down notes, take picture or recording video. These are some of the advantages that a gadget can bring into a person’s life.

“(Therefore) let us do things in a new way,” he told reporters before opening ‘Buddy Gadgets’, a new electronic gadgets store at Plaza Merdeka Shopping Complex here on Sunday night.

Likewise, Buddy Gadgets operations director Melvin Ong believes and said the company will continue to bring in innovative products and gadgets at all times with reasonable prices to the local people here.

He is confident that his products will be well-received in the ICT-conscious era.

Being a Sarawakian company, he said the company through its parent company Karuna (Sarawak) Enterprise Sdn Bhd, has managed to become the sole distributor for Quirky brand, a famous electronics equipment and gadgets company producing innovative products through ideas from people around the world.

Ong noted that one of its best achievements includes selling over 30,000 units of slim power banks in the United States within three days online.

Going forward, he said Karuna aims to be the top notch distributor of power banks in Malaysia.

Besides that, he revealed Buddy Gadgets is also distributing other personal care, kitchen and home appliances ranging from some of the renowned brands such as Celluon from South Korea, Katadyn from the Switzerland, Philips from Holland and Odoyo from Japan.

The company, which was established for more than four years ago, is expected to open a new showroom in West Malaysia early next year.

Ong said this will allow the company to cater for its West Malaysian customers besides expanding its business in the future.